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I started practicing Kundalini Yoga 3 and 1/2 years ago. Immediately I was drawn in deeper by the fast, practical, and energetic benefits of the practice. 

I heard spiritual teachers talk about love and happiness, however, I couldn't understand how to integrate that into my day to day experience. My mindset tools had run dry. I needed something that made me feel better right there and then.

Kundalini Yoga gives you a biochemical experience of happiness. It puts the entire system in balance, giving you sovereignty over your behavior and life.

The positive effects of this practice are countless, however, you must be ready to step into a new outlook of yourself and do the work to get there. 

This is for you if you are ready to TRANSFORM.

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Nathan's Kundalini Yoga class is the only way to start my days. From the depth of wisdom he shares on the creative + spiritual journey, to the way he can challenge and push me through a screen, I always leave feeling fresh, inspired, and ready to tackle any obstacles of the day.

—  Danielle Lee-Hogervost, Hive Member

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Kundalini Yoga


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