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Who is Nathan?

Nathan Hirschaut grew up in Santa Cruz, Ca as a highly trained competitive dancer. He then graduated from The Juilliard School with a BFA in dance and now coaches, teachers, and creates with rising artists from around the world.

Global Entrepreneur, he founded Hive Creates, a company dedicated to making and assisting the creation of art that elevates global consciousness in 2018. He is also the founder and a primary producing artist for Hive Creative Company, a group of leading interdisciplinary artists making avant-garde and intersectional creative projects


Nathan continues to forge his way as an unconventional powerhouse through releasing his new book Spring of 2021; The Artist's Quest, a guide book for creative success. Artistic coach and radical thought leader, Nathan is the founder of Hive Mind, a support group for creative individuals who wish to discover their unique voice through mental, physical, and spiritual exploration.

Above all else, Nathan is a practitioner, tried, and true. Nathan is dedicated to his own evolution and a devotee of the betterment of all sentient beings.

"Cheers to the misfits, the pioneers, and the wanders. Cheers to the artists in us all."

-Nathan Hirschaut


Nathan the Creative Coach

Get one on one or group mentoring with Nathan for your creative projects.


Nathan the Yogi

Practice Kundalini yoga and meditation live with Nathan daily!

Free coaching

Check out some of my talks where I break down basic concepts.

How to constantly progress

3 minute conversation 

How to create intuitively 

1 minute conversation 

Redefining the artists job

3 minute conversation 

Begining practices

Try out these basic Kundalini Yoga practices to feel clarifying and rejuvenating benefits.

Break addictions

3-minute meditation to release addictive patterns.

Release built up anger

3-minute meditation to release anger and resentment.

Full energetic upgrade

Full hour-long class to reboot the entire body/mind system.


Nathan the Creative Director

Watch Nathan's shows and projects.

Creative projects

Watch some of Nathan's full complimentary performance projects 

In the midst of it

A solo created and performed by Nathan.


Choreographed by Nathan Hirschaut.

Danced by: Can Wang, Paige Borowski, and Barry Gans

What once was

Choreographed  by Nathan Hirschaut 

Performed by Nathan Hirschaut


Hive Podcast

Listen to Nathan Hirschaut's talk show for free-flowing conversations on creativity, consciousness, and activsim.


Nathan Hirschaut on Tour

Check out Nathan Hirschaut’s global tour schedule & hang with me in a city near (or not-so-near) you. 

My Intention

The world of Hive is a place for full creative expression, nothing less than one's genius.

We will support each other, foster each other's creativity, and deliver upon our individual and oh-so-needed missions.

We will engage with our unique creative desires regardless of what society, our parents, or our culture tell us. We will prioritize our inner artistic fulfillment and practice as spiritual warriors of art. 

We will commit to giving the treasured gifts that life has given us and we will inspire the world through the infinite potential and capability of our human experience.

So may the dancer, the rebel, the mad scientist, the passionate wildflower, the poet, the full human, and the spiritual light pour out of you in swaths of art too large to even dream of. 

-Nathan Hirschaut 

Nathan is an impeccably trained artist who continues to work every day to develop his skills not only as a creator, but also as a leader, mentor, and shaker of conventional values.

-Angela Michelle

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