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A moment comes in every creatives life where one must make a choice between the path of familiarity and the path of passion. One is a direction of perceived certainty and the other a wild ride of authentic action, courage, and fulfillment.

I'm here to kick you in the ass and tell you to walk the path of passion, why, because I believe that the world needs your unique creativity, your ambitious love, and your artistic courage.  

Hive Mind is a community of like-minded creative visionaries who wish to take the path of passion. So I dare you, I dare you to jump into the unknown, into what you feel you must do, and what no one can do but you.  

Welcome to Hive Mind.

-Nathan Hirschaut

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What's Included?

Private creative counseling

Full moon // new moon group check-ins

LIVE daily yoga and meditation classes



"The Artist's quest"

A guidebook to forging your own path. 

Community support


Create your own experience

How much time do I need? 

Hive Mind is designed to fit your schedule and adapt to your time and energetic capabilities. This means you can experience the content in real-time, or you can watch the recorded classes and check-ins later. 

The only solid commitments we ask of you are to make time for your one on one meetings with Nathan. All other aspects of the Hive Mind program can be amped up or turned down to suit your lifestyle,  schedule, and availability. 



Ali Stevens

Commercial dancer

Nathan has been one of my biggest inspirations since I connected with him at the beginning of quarantine. He has lead me through Kundalini practices, shared numerous resources, connected me with many other artists, and guided me on my new spiritual path. His immense and selfless passion for helping artists discover their greatness is something that is hard to come by these days but is the reason I consider him one of my truest friends and favorite educators. I leave every session with a deeper understanding of myself and a clear and energized approach to a new goal. Nathan’s approach and guidance is better than therapy. 


Danielle Lee-Hogervorst

Performing artist 

Nathan saw the seedlings within me that I could not see myself. He gave me the tools and permission I needed so I could pursue what I imagined offering to the world. It is a continual work in progress, and Nathan’s insights continue to propel me into the exciting void of manifesting my dream realities.


Mikaela Brandon


“While the average person’s body is 60% water, Nathan’s is 110% passion. He is driven and imaginative and has an innate capacity for leadership. He pushes boundaries within himself and motivates others to do the same. It has been an honor to work alongside him, sharing various ideas and approaches to movement/expression. I see Hive Mind as an expansion upon one of Nathan’s many visions: a world full of powerful, dedicated human beings, unafraid to use their voices for real, lasting, vibrational change. I am both excited and inspired by how Nathan continues to capitalize on his skillful, devoted nature to create platforms for what he wishes to see more of in our field and beyond.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hive Mind for?

Hive Mind is for you if you are looking to:

  • Tune in to your authentic creativity.
  • Make a living as a creator.
  • Grow as a leader in your field.
  • Mature spirtually and emotionally as a human.
  • Learn in a like minded creative community.

How much does it cost?

Monthly: $77 Anually (15% off): $780

Do you offer scholerships or financial aid?

Yes, we offer various amounts of financial aid and diversity scholarships. To apply for a scholarship, fill out our application form here. You'll hear from us in a few days with your application results.

Can I cancel my membership?

If you dont want to continue, you can cancel your membership through your account page. Follow the prompts on the settings page and your membership will not renew. Please note their are no refunds for patially used memberships. If you have any more questions, contact us at We are happy to help.

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