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My Intention

The world of Hive is a place for full creative expression, nothing less than one's genius.

We will support each other, foster each other's creativity, and deliver upon our individual and oh-so-needed missions.

We will engage with our unique creative desires regardless of what society, our parents, or our culture tell us. We will prioritize our inner artistic fulfillment and practice as spiritual warriors of art. 

We will commit to giving the treasured gifts that life has given us and we will inspire the world through the infinite potential and capability of our human experience.

So may the dancer, the rebel, the mad scientist, the passionate wildflower, the poet, the full human, and the spiritual light pour out of you in swaths of art too large to even dream of. 



Learn, deepen, and explore. You will never have all the answers, You will never know the right way, you just have to walk, Have the courage to learn. Have the courage to give. I believe in you.

-Nathan Hirschaut

While the average person’s body is 60% water, Nathan’s is 110% passion. He is driven and imaginative and has an innate capacity for leadership. He pushes boundaries within himself and motivates others to do the same.

Mikaela S Brandon

Every time I see Nathan I leave with a deeper understanding of myself and a clear and energized approach to a new goal. Nathan’s is guidance is better than therapy.

Ali Stevens 

Nathan saw the seedlings within me that I could not see myself. He gave me the tools and permission I needed so I could pursue what I imagined offering to the world. 

Danielle Lee-Hogervorst


Read Nathan's book.

The Artists Map

A guide book for creative success.

Official Bio

Nathan grew up in Santa Cruz, Ca as a highly trained competitive dancer. He then graduated from The Juilliard School with a BFA in dance and now mentors, teachers, and creates across the world.​

Nathan Hirschaut is the founder of 3 global business Hive Dance company, Hive Dance Studio, and Hive Mind. All of which support his mission to helping dancers and artists of all kinds reach new heights of creative impact.

Dancer, Choreographer, Coach, and international thought leader, he is the author of  The Artists Map:  A guide book for creative success and the host of the cutting edge podcast, The Dance Life.

Nathan now works full-time teaching dance, yoga, choreographing, and curating events. 

"Cheers to the misfits, the pioneers, and the wanders. Cheers to the artists in us all. Cheers to radical creativity."

-Nathan Hirschaut

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